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I have been away from writing this for waaaaaay too long recently! It’s been incredibly hectic in my life recently, and so given the option between sleep and write my blog, well, you can tell which one I didn’t skimp out on by the look of this place.



Pictured Above: My blog’s new articles

 Moving on!

 This is not going to be one of my long, drawn out bitch fests or awkward commentary posts. Don’t cry, I’m certain I’ll have something to say along those lines soon. I mean, hello, I’m basically a 10lb brain controlling a bitter meat sack.

DON’T Google that.

At any rate, I was, for the most part, juggling about three books last year with my Moon God’s Curse series I’m planning, and also another book that I was planning on writing for NaNoWriMo, which ended up temporarily taking over my life. I’m sure my writer friends are well aware of how that happens.



Well, long story short, I am back writing my MGC series, and with some fresh perspective. This thing is my baby, and because of that, I know at times I don’t see what a hot mess it is. Closing it up for a while gave me the opportunity to think about it and forget some things, so that when I gave it another go, I realized that I was totally batshit err, misguided in some realistic expectations of it, so I’m back, cutting it to shreds!

As a writer, it’s really hard to see the same story about a million times and then try to create anything new from the same material, because it’s so engrained in your mind that that is the way that things are. Imagine your favorite movie or book, and now try to imagine that you have to shift things around like crazy sauce to make it better than it was before and also new and engaging. Not as easy as it sounds, eh?

But luckily, I also work as an editor and proofer, so I can tell my brain to go to hell with all that self-righteous creative-type shit.

…People should never question why writers talk to themselves. (It’s basically because no one else wants to.)

At any rate, fingers crossed, I hope to have this completed (and sent out) by the end of May. Here’s a little tidbit of changes and additions to come:

Morderys moved.

Swifter than he could even register, he had hacked through the beast’s arm with a solid cleave and caught his daughter. Having dropped his torch, the world went nearly black, the flames trying and unsuccessfully feasting on the soggy wet leaves of the forest floor. It burned even so, just enough to make out the vaguest of shapes around him. The demon’s angry scream let him know that his hopes had been well-founded.

He turned in time to see it writhing along the forest floor, clutching with awkward, bone thin fingers at where its arm used to be. Furious, it spat a load of searing poison at them, and Morderys ducked—more on instinct than on recognition—and the acid burned through his thick outer coat and into the tender flesh of his arm. Refusing to let loose his daughter, he joined his guttural cries of rage to both babe and demon, and the night was awash in agony.


Happy writing, guys!


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