The Price of Perfection

Looking for a professional editor at reasonable prices?

I have spent a long time as a freelance editor, and also as a professional editor with three indie publishing houses, one of which I still work with. I also edit and write for a popular online love and relationship magazine, so it’s safe to assume I love editing.

One of my biggest pet peeves as a child was reading a book that contained errors. Even then, I was annoyed with the confusion between its and it’s, you’re and your, and even there, they’re, and their.

What can I say? I was a unique child whose interests included reading the dictionary.

For fun.

At any rate, I know firsthand how expensive a good editor can be. Most charge by the word, and some charge more for whether or not you expect them to comment on the book itself or catch plot holes or simple mistakes.

“In this paragraph, she’s sitting down, even though in the previous one, she was standing by the window smoking a cigarette, and you never said that she moved. That’ll be $800, please.”

And don’t get me wrong: a good editor will be worth every dime they charge. They’re taking stock of your story in a way that you would never otherwise be able to see. Their suggestions are crucial to you taming that beast. So I don’t begrudge those price tags, but I understand the struggle when  doing what you love costs more than you can afford.

All prices, regardless of length, will include checking your work for proper spacing, font size, style, and continuity. I will typically return work in five weeks or less, unless there are extraneous circumstances or your novel is extraordinarily long.

Understanding your choices:


If you only want me to proofread your work, then it will include checking for grammar, formatting, punctuation, etc. The cost for proofreading  is lower than editing, but it only includes half the service. This is typically reserved for a clean manuscript that you (or an editor) have already gone over at least a few times. You’re not looking for someone to catch plot mistakes; you’re only looking for someone to catch minor issues (like punctuation or grammar) that don’t affect the story.

(Usually, though, if I notice a glaring plot error, I will let you know either way.)


If you need a full edit, you will get notes of suggestions and recommendations for your story, character dialogue, behavior, and any inconsistencies as well as whatever proofing issues that may arise. I may offer suggestions on how to reword a sentence, or even let you know that you have used the same word three times in two paragraphs. I will tell you whatever flaws and problems may come from what I’ve read, and make sure that your work is polished.

Editing is mandatory, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Contact me here if you have any questions or would like to inquire about what it would cost to edit your book.


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