Earth Matters—Or At Least It Should

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This Earth Day, celebrate the release of Earth Matters, a coming CrazyInk anthology with a great cause!

I am stoked to have contributed to this anthology, which features stories by a bunch of talented, award-winning and best-selling authors telling their sweet, deep, and occasionally dark tales all about Mother Earth!

You’ll get to read my story, “The Gaia Hypothesis,” and travel alongside Isaiah Donager as he searches out work in exchange for oxygen in the dystopian deserts of a post-apocalyptic world.

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You can pre-order it for only $2.99!

This will be e-book only (because trees), and limited edition, so it won’t be around forever.

The best part of all is that ALL publisher royalties from these sales will go to non-profit conservancy groups that the authors have picked out, so you’ll be getting a great read and supporting an important cause: The Earth we all live on!

Happy Earth Day 2019!