About Me!



Merethe Walther (Mer-eh-tah Wall-thur) is a quick-witted and enthusiastic writer, editor, and the creator of Inklings Anonymous, a new blog that shares common writing problems from an editor’s perspective. She graduated from Full Sail University with a BFA in Creative Writing as the class salutatorian.

Merethe has multiple publications featured in The Aviator magazine, including three that won the editor’s choice award in their categories. She also has work published on KEH Camera’s online blog, and a piece featured in Infinite Press, an online literary journal, which also received the editor’s choice award in its submission category. She just finished a soft sci-fi novel, which has been accepted by a publisher and is due for release in 2017.

Merethe has a weird sense of humor that may or may not have developed from being a life-long nerd and having to constantly correct people on the proper pronunciation of her name. She has decided, as a result, that she is not a fan of the silent ‘h.’

She has worked in the past as an editor and tabletop gaming RPG project lead, and currently edits for an independent publishing company and writes for a love and relationship website. When not editing, Merethe can be found in Atlanta, GA, playing video games or writing ’til the wee hours of the morning. She lives with her husband, Paul, and their pet Dumbo Rats, Gulliver and Nigel.

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