Writing a Novel: Choosing Your Audience

So you’ve got the vision for your next (or first!) great story, and you’re aiming for getting it published. Go, you! You know the over-arching plot, you think you have the perfect ending, and you just want to get it … Continue reading

Capitalization: You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

One of the most common misconceptions that I run across in writing is when to capitalize things, and when they should stay lowercase. This is honestly a big issue, and can take your manuscript from potentially looking professional to seemingly amateurish in a heartbeat. It can be the difference between an agent or publishing house thinking that you know what you’re doing, or thinking that you started writing a week ago. Continue reading

Talk that Talk (the Way Your Reader Likes it!)

Many writers struggle when it comes to making their characters speak, and if you have this problem, trust me, you are not alone. Dialogue between imaginary characters is hard, dude. Continue reading

3 Cliches (That Completely Lose Your Reader)

Are you guilty of these 3 writing cliches that might cost you potential readers? Continue reading

The Accidental Plural (of Native English Storytelling)

The Accidental Plural of the Native-English Speaker’s Story
By Kelly Kobayashi
The way that we tell stories as a culture, as a community of smaller tribes, is defined as greatly by our writings as by our oral traditions. Continue reading