I laid in ruin

among the dusk
      and spider webs by twilight

I heard the blood
  and spoke a curse
while bathing in the moonlight

my words were glass

  my thoughts were weight
and time, my weary sponsor

could not reason with my mind

(to make the better offer)

and promises, like candy
can taste pleasant on the tongue
and like the short-existing treat;

best given to the young 

and needles mend and ribbons make up

pretty little band-aids
        wrapped in lies and secret blights

that glisten as the light fades-

I chewed your name up with my teeth
I grimaced at the notion
spent ages whispering about
      a young boy and the ocean

because the drought was so severe
    the bottle’s never been that deep

the struggle brought the pain to light

                and agony begot its sleep

distant though the voices are
the clouds are riddled high

the melodies; forgotten hope
    (await the lover’s sigh…)



This poem received the 2013 Full Sail Editor’s Award in Poetry and was featured in the school’s art editorial, The Aviator.


We have built everything

with the assurances

of our fragile youth—


the tiny voice that whispers

like a shadow stretching tight

across the courtyard at dusk;


“To be young is to be infinite,”


so we press ourselves against

the glass of misbegotten notions,



elixir of the gods

who cruelly breathed life into

beings of clay—


and gave us no true sense of ingrained loss,

(only that which can be earned.)


In the evening, ghosts flicker against

my eyelids like moths to the lampshade;

(drawn in by nameless need—

—pushed back into the darkness by pain.)


We will often dream of your daring escape;

a Houdini-like endeavor that left


gasps in the wake of your tired soul,


hurtling through space

to become one bright star,


dancing eternally in the distant night.