Agent 88 Is Available Today for 88 Cents, but Only For 8 Days on! + Check Out The Crew on CBS!!!

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Go and get it!!! 😀

Pastrami Nation

A88 chill header

By Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation

This is it, today is the day!

Agent 88 is available for 8 days on for…you guessed it, 88 cents!!

The action pilot, by Director Digger T. Mesch, Producer Jan Utstein-O’Neill and starring the amazing Kay D’arcy, had a greatly successful Kickstarter campaign to see it’s way into creation. Today marks the day of the digital release, and to mark the occasion, you can get the episode for the bargain price of 88 cents! It is available at

Today on CBS This Morning, Digger, Jan and Kay were featured for this momentous release. Check out the video below!

Make sure to follow all the Agent 88 goodness on Facebook at and online at

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