The Life Cycle of the Great American Novel


Kate Miller, M.D.

Or, How Hemingway Became an Alcoholic

When people find out my debut novel is being released this month, one of the first questions they ask is how long it takes to write a novel and get it published. I tell them Karma Patrol took two and a half years from the first word to the paperback copy, and I’m always met with astonishment.

“What takes so long?” they ask, eyes wide. “Don’t you just write it and then someone prints it?”

And I smile as I reach for my wine glass.

For you, dear reader, I have compiled a monthly timeline of Karma Patrol’s life, from the moment the idea came to me until the release of the paperback. You may want to have a sympathy glass of wine on hand.

12718014_483826951818683_4763307751926848404_nOctober 2013: Lightning strikes! Concept for Karma Patrol is born.

November 2013: National Novel Writing Month. Between November 1

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