The Towers of Earyende

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This concept is a fantasy, medieval style game called The Towers of Eäryendë (A-are-en-day), and will have the feel of an RPG similar in style to games like Skyrim, Fable, and Dragon Age, in which the player controls a single ‘hero’ and has the ability to use melee skills and magical abilities to defeat the waves of foes that attempt to overtake them on their quests. Playtime will vary for the number of quests that a player feels comfortable completing, but should be anywhere from 60-100 hours, dependent solely on their effort. It will be for console and computers.

The Towers of Eäryendë follows the stories of Soljra and Devryn, enslaved in the country of Allinese, as they break free of their master and seek out the protection of the Magi in one of the towers. Soljra is a descendant from a long line of feared magical beings known simply as “Spellswords”, once wiped out by the Magi for their incredible powers, and Devryn is the son of an Elvish priestess and a human man with untapped powers that make him a formidable foe. They long to unravel the mysteries of their pasts and to gain better control and understanding of their powers as hired killers, Magi, and city guards hunt them down.

In Towers, you play as a female character, Soljra, or a male character, Devryn, with customizable armor and weapons picked up throughout your journey. Similar to Skyrim, you have the capability of taking on new quests as they appear and completing them in your own time, and either separate to, or parallel with the main world quest. The map will be large, free-roaming style with little limitation as to where your character can and cannot go—obviously, you cannot swim for three miles out to sea or scale the very tip of a mountain. View will be in third person. You have the option to be solo, or in a party of up to three NPCs, and can set the role that they play in the group, such as healer, defender, melee, or ranged attackers.

Despite choosing one character or the other, quests will vary based on the character chosen as well as the actions that they take. Choosing Devryn will give you a quest line more geared towards unraveling his story, and the same will happen if you pick Soljra. They will of course, have an interwoven story line, and “boss” characters that challenge the player’s abilities at key points and award rare items and large amounts of XP at defeat.

Game power ups will mainly consist of add-ons to attack, defense, and skill points, which I imagine would be styled in a fashion similar to a Dungeons & Dragons game, in which points must be “rolled” against each round to see if attack and defense overcome their enemies. Characters will have special abilities that are unique to them, and are turn-based.

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