Reader Voted Books That Should Be Thrown Out of a Moving Car


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We came up with a list of The 10 Books Most Likely to Get Thrown Out of a Window for our readers and boy did you respond! The comments on that article are an education in what readers don’t want to see (authors, take notes.)

There were so many good comments that we decided to write another post showcasing the books you lovely readers wanted to hurl out of the closest open window.

*curtain pulls back*

*fanfare from the orchestra*

*house lights dim*

Without further ado; here are the top 14 books BRMW readers would urge their fellow bookworms to steer clear of. (Some ending spoilers possible!)

Tying for the Top Spot:

The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer


With seven different comments, the Twilight Series earned the top spot for vapid teenage-martyr angst, a love triangle (seriously authors, stop it with the love triangles) building a paranormal set of rules…

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