Earth Matters—Or At Least It Should

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This Earth Day, celebrate the release of Earth Matters, a coming CrazyInk anthology with a great cause!

I am stoked to have contributed to this anthology, which features stories by a bunch of talented, award-winning and best-selling authors telling their sweet, deep, and occasionally dark tales all about Mother Earth!

You’ll get to read my story, “The Gaia Hypothesis,” and travel alongside Isaiah Donager as he searches out work in exchange for oxygen in the dystopian deserts of a post-apocalyptic world.

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You can pre-order it for only $2.99!

This will be e-book only (because trees), and limited edition, so it won’t be around forever.

The best part of all is that ALL publisher royalties from these sales will go to non-profit conservancy groups that the authors have picked out, so you’ll be getting a great read and supporting an important cause: The Earth we all live on!

Happy Earth Day 2019!

Short Stories for Sale!

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If you’re like me, you like to sit down and read as frequently as possible. But sometimes there just isn’t enough time to read a book, or you’ve only got a few minutes, whether it’s on your commute or you’re just trying to kill time on your phone in the bathroom.

(Don’t lie. We all do it.)

Enter the short story, the perfect platform for enjoying another world when you just don’t have the time to spare. Right now, you can get two of my shorts on Amazon for only .99c!

Looking for a story you can read in about 15 minutes that will make you think?



Donovan’s earliest memory is of the soldier who saved him as a boy.

Now a soldier himself, he’s eager to get into the fight against the rebels.

But when something strange happens during what should be a routine firefight, he finds himself questioning everything he knows to be true.

Get Flashpoint here for only .99c!

Or how about a creepy ghost story to read in the dark?



For siblings Amelia and Nick, getting sent away to live in a Victorian foster home is scary, but they hold on to the hope that it will all just be temporary. They soon learn that sharing a room with six other children and working from dawn ’til dusk are the least of their problems, however.
The matron doesn’t care about them at all, as long as they’re quiet and out of sight, but the other children warn that breaking a rule—no matter how small—will have dire consequences.
Nick might believe in their ghostly tales of Mother Maggie, but Amelia knows that it’s all just nonsense; at least that’s what she tells herself. But as the shadows in the house begin to move and grow and their situation becomes more severe, she begins to worry that maybe there’s more to the ghost stories after all. Something sinister lurking in the halls of their new home seems to watch their every step, waiting…

Get Hush here for only .99c!

If anyone else would like to link to their favorite short stories on Amazon in the comments below, please share!

Happy reading!